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The Town Center Project is a new non-profit initiative to restore the vibrancy of Hebron’s historic center. Started by a small group of local residents, our goal is to build community by attracting visitors and showcasing Hebron as a “see, eat, and do” destination.

By engaging residents and working together in a collaborative effort, we intend to reinvent the historic heart of Hebron, the place we call home.

Our focus is “place-making,” a concept for building community involvement by creating gathering places where people choose to go to spend their leisure time. That’s just what our 2018 schedule of events in “The Heart of Hebron” will do!

Come and Have Fun!

The Town Center Project believes that creating events that bring together residents is one way to make community connections. So, we’re starting in 2018 with a series of “happenings” to take place in our hometown downtown. These activities, all centered around our historic town center along Route 66, are designed to bring people together to spend leisure time, hang out with friends and family, eat, play and laugh together.

The Town Center Project's 2018 "Feet on the Street" Festivities

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